Auckland Marathon 3:13

The weather was near perfect. There was lots of wind on the North Shore and going over the bridge, but it died away on the other side and things went to plan.

At halfway it said I was on time for 3:17, which was 2 minutes slower than the 3:15 I had hoped for, so I picked the pace up a bit. I then managed to overtake 32 people in the second half, and do those last 21k one minute faster than the first half, which was just as my couch said I should.

Together we’ve managed to raise $1,000 for Oxfam’s work. If you would like to donate any more to their work, you can do that here:

Right now I’m on light running, both covering from the Marathon, and the cold which I had for the 2 weeks leading up to the marathon. I haven’t managed to shake it yet, but when I do, it will be full on into training for the Hillary Trail on the 27th Feb 2016 which is 80km through the Waitakere Rangers.

Thanks everyone for your support.

A special thanks to Angela, which out her support none of this would be possible.

And a special thanks to Steve Thompson who ran the last 8k with me to cheer me on; it made a huge difference. He was my rabbit who I couldn’t quite catch.

Have a good spring and thanks for your support!


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