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    This is our website, check out what we are doing…

  • glenbrook

    We went to the Thomas day at Glenbrook vintage railway. There is nothing more fun than sticking your head out the window…

  • tauranga bay

    We love to go camping by the sea at Tauranga Bay

  • beach

    Digging a couch in the sand, not long lasting, but fun!

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  • family

    Our crew at Isaac’s first birthday

  • autum leaves

    The genko tree at church makes the perfect back drop for a photo

  • mangawhai

    We love climbing the sand dunes at Mangawhai, this is taken at sun-rise

The Father’s Love – 2013-03-10 – Sermon

Trusting in God’s Grace [the prodigal father] Luke 15 Our reading from...

10th Mar
The Father’s Love – 2013-03-10 – Sermon

New ADSL modem issues VPI VCI

New Zealand (NZ) uses "non-standard" ADSL settings of VPI = 0 and VCI =100 settings. Change them to VPI = 0 and VCI = 100 and your new modem will work

04th Dec

transfer wordpress from one sit to another

I became unhappy with our host for the website, and had to...

13th Sep
transfer wordpress from one sit to another

bluetooth logon

Bluetooth Login and Locking ΒΆ Sometimes the simplest stuff has the ability...

01st Aug
bluetooth logon

Samba password configuration

To get Samba working for Windows Share on Linux you need to:...

04th Mar
Samba password configuration