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11th Nov

Teaching – Telling of God’s love

Audio: Podcast (MP3) —click-play–> Mission statement Week 1 – 2013-10-06 Sharing our...

06th Oct

Calming life’s storms – 2013-09-15 – Sermon

Freedom out of the Storm Season of Creation 3: Storm Sunday Luke...

15th Sep

Using what God entrusts to us | 2013-09-01 | Sermon

Using what God entrusts to us Matthew 25:14-30 Pineapple lumps Clip <...

01st Sep

You are special – 2013-08-25 – Sermon

Am I worth it? – All for one God does love us...

25th Aug

Family Conflict – 2013-08-18 – Sermon

  Blaming God We tend to do things in Gods name at...

18th Aug

Bible Sunday – There is enough – 2013-08-04 – Sermon

The Bible has been through lots of hard work to get to us. As we read it, and as we hear from God we need to ask 3 key questions. 1 - is the passage/word from God? 2. - what does it mean? 3- will I do anything about it? The challenge from today’s reading (Lk12:13-21) is to know that there is enough and to share this.

04th Aug

The Lord’s Prayer – 2013-07-28 – Sermon

The Lords Prayer | What to pray for Revd Dion J. Blundell | 28th July 2013 The Lord’s prayer is a challenge to focus on God’s Kingdom. It challenges us to look at our own lives and prayers and what our prayers focus on. Do they focus on what God calls us to?

28th Jul

We are all called – 2013-07-07 – Sermon

The theme that pervades through today's readings is call. The emphasis that I hear is not only are we called, but we are all called, we are all called into the ministry of our Lord Jesus. There is no dogging this, and saying it's the job of the clergy. We are all called. We are called sometimes to different harvest fields, or maybe a different area of the field, but we are all called. We have to decide who is our Lord. And we show who is in control of our life, or who is our Lord be who we respond to.

07th Jul

Stepping up to God’s Call – 2013-06-30 – Sermon

Stepping up to God’s Call 2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14 – Galatians 5:1,...

30th Jun
Stepping up to God’s Call – 2013-06-30 – Sermon