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    This is our website, check out what we are doing…

  • glenbrook

    We went to the Thomas day at Glenbrook vintage railway. There is nothing more fun than sticking your head out the window…

  • tauranga bay

    We love to go camping by the sea at Tauranga Bay

  • beach

    Digging a couch in the sand, not long lasting, but fun!

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  • family

    Our crew at Isaac’s first birthday

  • autum leaves

    The genko tree at church makes the perfect back drop for a photo

  • mangawhai

    We love climbing the sand dunes at Mangawhai, this is taken at sun-rise

Updating OpenDNS from your Tomato Router

Here is a script that will update OpenDNS to have your Tomato...

25th Jan

This is a demo post

This is a line of text that has a bold word and then some...

11th Nov

Xterra – Waharau

On Sunday 21st August 2016 was the Xterra Trail Series. It was...

25th Aug

Making searches safe

It’s possible to make YOUTUBE, GOOGLE and BING searches safe at the...

31st Jul
Linux Tux Penguin holding a tomato

Windows keyboard on a Mac – changing Command Key Assignment

Ever wondered how to make your Windows keyboard behave on a Mac?...

29th Jun
System Preferences / Keyboard - with Modifier Keys clicked

Sabbath keeping

Sabbath keeping is the practice of taking time out to be refreshed....

07th May

Auckland Marathon 3:13

Auckland Marathon is complete. What a buzz the day was. I managed...

03rd Nov

All systems go

Special shout out to Angela, without her support I wouldn’t be able...

31st Oct

Onehunga Half Marathon

Well Onehunga Half Marathon was my “warm-up” for Auckland. It gave me...

29th Sep

Teaching – Telling of God’s love

Audio: Podcast (MP3) —click-play–> Mission statement Week 1 – 2013-10-06 Sharing our...

06th Oct